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Novelty gifts
The best novelty gifts are those that don't serve any practical function or use, and only exist to provide a laugh which makes them more fun and interesting.
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Romantic Projector Lights for Intimate Ambience
Setting the mood for a romantic evening is an important and often overlooked part of any date night. Projector lights can create the perfect mood in any room that needs a little more romance.
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Board Games for all Types of Players
Find a board game to suit your players. Are they beginners? Looking for a quick game? How many players etc. Are you after co-operative, educational or word based board gamesetc
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Building wooden models - a hobby for all
Building wooden models is a fun hobby. It's great to work on with friends and family, and the completed product can be a source of much pride. The most important skill when it comes to building a model is patience. You need to be willing and able to take your time with the project as you assemble all of the pieces one by one.
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Magnetic Tiles Building Set Toys
An innovative way to have fun teaching science concepts and getting S.T.E.M in your child's life. The magnetic properties of the tiles allow them to stick together in any configuration imaginable
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Fun Fidget Toys for Adults to Fiddle with
Do you ever feel the need to fidget? You know, those times when your hands just won't stay still and you have to do something with them. Sometimes it's because of boredom, other times it can be as a result of anxiety or stress. Whilst there are lots of ways to relieve these tensions one really fun option is fiddling with fidget toys.
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6 Exciting Strategy Board Games
Strategy board games are a very specific type of game that is played on a game board with pieces, cards, and dice. The goal is to capture your opponent's base. These games require strategic reasoning, rather than quick reflexes. Strategy goes beyond just picking up cards and rolling dice; it requires thoughtfulness, planning ahead, good judgment, and more!
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Awesome Interlocking bricks for All Ages
Interlocking bricks connect with each other and form interesting shapes. . Building is made possible by joining two tiles together - one tile has bumps on it and the other has holes on it so assembly is simple without glue or any extra tools
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